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October 10, 2023

I’m pleased to spotlight the incredible Alexa in our Always Growing feature this October. 

A bona fide Soulful Entrepreneur, Alexa is an accomplished copywriter, marketing strategist, project manager, sustainability advocate… and now author!

Not only is she committed to helping her clients build their brands through introducing effective planning and marketing strategies, but she’s also dedicated to helping make her clients’ day-to-day lives more sustainable, enjoyable, and aspirational.

Following 18 months of full-time travel across the US with her fiancé (and cat!) – all while living in AirBnBs – Alexa has collected an amazing tapestry of stories, experiences, and insights, which she has written about in her new self-published Amazon book, Life Trip: How to Travel Without an RV or Van.

It was during these and her later travels that she realized her love for sustainability, both in the context of her client work, as well as her work as a coral reef advocate – something I immensely admire!

Beyond travel and work, Alexa loves the great outdoors, where she often likes to engage in scuba diving, hiking, yoga, and paddleboarding. That’s some variety right there, Alexa!

Alexa’s Soulful Entrepreneurial Journey

Alexa shared her thoughts on the following, which I hope can help YOU stay motivated too!

On her intention for 2023…

“Abundance – in all forms!”

Why she chose the entrepreneurial path…

“I started my business for freedom in my own life and to help small businesses refine their messaging/marketing to compete with the big dogs in their industry.”

When it gets overwhelming…

“I try to tell myself this is normal. When you run your own business, you’re wearing ALL the hats that normally, a whole team, department, or company would handle – who wouldn’t be stressed?! I remind myself of my values and my ‘WHY’: freedom, creativity, to be challenged, to have new and exciting projects, endless learning opportunities, and self-discovery.”

The latest debut…

“Self-published my first book on Amazon! Check it out here

On solo time…

“Going outside! Going for a walk, heading to the beach, reading a book, or a workout/shower/read combo…. maybe throw in a pedicure!”

Just like Stevy and Diego, Alexa’s journey is an impressive blend of professional accomplishment and personal fulfillment. She embodies the spirit of intertwining work, dreams, and everyday life into a “tapestry of balanced living and conscious impact” – her words, not mine!

Connect & Immerse in Alexa’s World

If you’re looking to navigate the world of sustainable living and your own dreams, DM Alexa on Instagram @alexapavanwrites or check out her new book on Amazon.

If you are interested in more Soulful Entrepreneurs, stay tuned for the next Always Growing feature – there’s plenty more to come.

In a world often caught up in fast-paced living and disconnected pursuits, Alexa is a brilliant reminder to all Soulful Entrepreneurs of the importance of living mindfully and pursuing conscious impact.

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