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September 19, 2023

Introducing Diego: A Passionate Grant Writer & Productivity Enthusiast

This month, I’m excited to spotlight Diego Reeb, a friend of mine I met a few years back in an online grant writing course – someone whose intelligence and drive immediately struck me.

Diego’s journey is a testament to his dedication and passion. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Social Work, he transitioned from being an intern to a paid grant writer, embracing his new role as a father along the way – something that he’s great at! 

His story is both inspiring and relatable, and I admire his ability to harmonize his work and life, especially in the light of his commitments across grant writing, his family, his love of reading, and his work with Nonprofit Founders – an organization he founded to share his insights around productivity as it relates to nonprofit bodies.

Diego’s now planning on expanding his horizons beyond the nonprofit world, in particular into the domain of coaching, where he intends to help fellow soulful entrepreneurs get things done without comprising their own work-life balance.

He is an incredible example of what it means to be a soulful entrepreneur, and I admire his courage. Here’s what he shared with me when I recently caught up with him:

On why he started his business…

“To create a space where work and life can better harmonize. I’ve found the existing work structure painful in that you must prioritize work to the exclusion of everything else in life, or at least crowding it out. Therefore, I’m committed to creating a way of working that better harmonizes with my core values.”

On his strategy when feeling overwhelmed…

“Saying no. Overwhelm typically comes from your body’s response that you are doing too much. Listen to that and understand where you need to say no — then do it! Easier said than done (I just did this exercise last week and it was painful) but the clarity this provides helps me keep going.”

On what the last thing that he did for the first time was…

“Creating a Google Form! I feel late to the game but I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on an easy medium to collect information.”

On his ideal way to spend a few hours alone…

“Reading a nonfiction book and then going outside to workout or spend time with my own thoughts in nature.”

On his vision for 2023 and beyond…

“Entrepreneurship. I’m excited about the rebranding of my business, which will allow me to share my productivity philosophy with a broader audience. My goal is to help fellow entrepreneurs harmonize their work and life – something I intend to do through coaching – ensuring neither is compromised.”

If you’re in the non-profit sector or an entrepreneur seeking coaching and guidance on productivity and work-life harmony, Diego’s offering a limited number of slots. If you’re interested, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Diego’s insights, backed by personal experiences, offer valuable lessons for everyone – something I’m happy to vouch for!

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