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September 14, 2023

For this month’s Always Growing feature, I wanted to shine a light on someone I’ve known for only a year or so now, but whose courage and determination I feel need sharing: Stevy Liakopoulou. 

Stevy’s a self-starting, self-taught SEO expert who conducts technical SEO website audits for businesses wanting to improve their ranking on Google – something she now does full-time, from wherever she pleases in the world.

Of all the things I admire about Stevy – and indeed why I consider her to be a soulful entrepreneur – these three things particularly stand out.

First, being a second-langauge speaker of English, she’s never let her langauge stand in the way of her dream to start a global business (something I admire so much about her in fact, I’ve ended up featuring her in my new eBook on imposter syndrome).

Second, she’s a great example of someone who’s cast off self-doubt, instead adopting a growth mindset in both her personal and professional pursuits. I truly admire this.

Finally, she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge, particularly among others who, like her, are on the path of starting their own businesses. This, she tells me, is a spillover from her days teaching physics back in Greece before she dove head-first into the world of SEO.

Anyway, she’s amazing! Here’s what she had to say to me while sipping her beloved Greek coffee:

On why she started her business, SEO Agenda…

“I started my business because I absolutely love sharing what I know with other people. I see people struggling all the time when it comes to showcasing their services on Google, and I just want to teach them how to do it more effectively.”

On how she pushes through when she’s feeling overwhelmed with her business…

“I focus really hard on my end goal! Reminding myself about this – for example by writing my goals down, or displaying them somewhere visible – helps me to remember why they’re important, as well as why I need to keep trying!”

On what the last thing that she did for the first time was…

“I recently had a go at building a set of three complete websites – all using AI. Experimenting with AI in this way was an amazing experience, and I even managed to sell one of the websites in the end! It’s incredible to see how fast things are moving in the artificial intelligence space at the moment.”

On what she would do if she had a couple of hours to herself…

“Easy – I would definitely make myself a Greek coffee (the smell gives me inspiration!), then I’d grab my notebook and write down my goals again and again, adding any ideas, thoughts, or changes. I’d also use the time to read a mindset book. I find these really help me to stay inspired and to keep any feelings of imposter syndrome at bay. Oh, and I’d make sure to read the latest SEO news as well as post on LinkedIn – of course!”

On her intention for the rest of 2023 and beyond…

“I want to carry on pursuing my dream – to teach people worldwide how they can leverage SEO as a tool to help their website’s organic growth. I also aim to continue toward my goal of providing technical SEO audits for 100 different businesses’ websites – after all, selling technical SEO services is a high-paying proposition these days!”

And there you have it folks!

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to understand how SEO works, or you want to grow your website organically, I cannot recommend Stevy enough! 🌟

Connect with her on LinkedIn here or follow her @Stevy_SEO to stay updated with the very latest in SEO!

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