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November 28, 2023

I’m excited to introduce Linda for this month’s Always Growing feature!

Linda is a whole lot of everything – from creative strategist and confidence coach to writer and improviser.

What I admire most about Linda is her journey of personal transformation. By her own admission, she used to be an introvert (something I doubt you’d notice about her now!), though this changed after she found improv.

After a decade of practicing this expressive art, and realizing how beneficial it was for her confidence and personal growth, she took a leap of faith.

Stepping away temporarily from her traditional 9-5 routine, Linda ventured on a one-year creative sabbatical in Paris. 

This experience ignited her passion for motivating individuals to embrace creativity and led her to share improv’s transformative powers with others.

After returning from Paris, Linda co-founded My Creative Break – a platform she created to help ambitious introverts and timid entrepreneurs find clarity and confidence.

Here’s how she answered my questions…

On her word for 2023…


On what makes her push through in business when she feels overwhelmed…

First, taking time for myself and doing something that I enjoy. I’m big on connecting to my creativity so writing or doing some improv helps me rejuvenate. Being able to help people is also a huge motivation for me and seeing them going for their dreams, fires me up!

On why she started her business…

I’ve always struggled with shyness and introversion, yet I’ve always had ambitious dreams. A  few years back, I stumbled upon an improv class and that was a game-changer! It helped me break out of my shell, tap into my creative side,  and helped me build my other existing business.

After more than a decade in the world of improv, I decided to pursue a coaching certification. Now, I assist individuals in enhancing their clarity and confidence. My aim is to empower others by incorporating improvisation methods into my coaching sessions. Ultimately, this journey has been about personal growth, and I’m dedicated to helping people unlock their potential through the power of improvisation and coaching.

On the last thing she did for the first time…

I went on a hike at night which was totally out of my comfort zone.

On how she would spend a couple of free hours…

I would take time to meditate, stroll around a bookstore, take some time to write and watch a show with a hot cocoa in hand. 

To join my LIVE Truth Talk with Linda, follow me on Instagram @LisaTheStrategist. Or, if you’re looking for a coach with an improv twist, reach out to Linda on Instagram @yes2youcoaching.

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