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November 16, 2023

This week’s Always Growing feature is special because he’s my right-hand man at Poppy Grove!

I’m excited to introduce Robert, a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant from the UK who’s the brains (well, half of them anyway!) behind the scenes of my business.

Rob is the Director of Lobster Copy, a fast-growing copywriting business that scales brands by helping them develop tailored marketing strategies backed up by outstanding copywriting.

I started working with Rob nearly a year ago when he joined me as a digital marketing apprentice at Poppy Grove.

Having come through the organization Acadium, at first, I didn’t know what to expect (though the fact he has a Master’s in TESOL like me was undoubtedly a good sign – right?).

After working only a short time with Rob, he successfully helped me create my very first eBook on imposter syndrome – something that made me realize just how much we could achieve together.

He’s helped me develop my ideas into valuable content, offers, and products and has been a powerful sidekick in developing and implementing my marketing strategy. He’s been there, from content and email marketing to PG’s brand voice and social media! (Check out my shiny new IG here!).

Rob’s an incredible copywriter and someone I trust to help me create more of an impact  – be it with entrepreneur strategy or education advocacy.

He’s also an all-around nice guy, and we always enjoy having a good laugh, which probably explains why our meetings tend to go for so long!

He’s a beacon of positivity, and I’m excited to share him with my amazing community. 

Here’s how he answered my questions…

On what it’s like working with me, Lisa, at Poppy Grove (yup, the one you’ve probably been waiting for!)

Goodness, it’s awful. I just don’t know how we do it.

I’m just kidding! I absolutely LOVE working with Lisa. It’s a joy and a privilege. We have a great rapport, which greatly helps when working on complex marketing problems (and solutions) together.

I’m also very grateful for Lisa as a person. Unlike many flash-and-glam coaches out there (a made-up term, but let’s roll with it), she is the REAL deal. She’s a thoroughgoing genuine person, an amazing woman, and a terrific role model – for women and men alike (that includes me!).

I particularly admire Lisa’s determination to make time for the people who matter to her. She’s extremely busy and somehow manages to juggle an amazing entrepreneur coaching business with 3 boys and school advocacy work on the side… and yet if you’re her friend, she’s there for you every single time. 

It’s no surprise she has the reputation she does as a coach, and I’m proud to be on this journey with her.

Okay, enough about Lisa! Rob – what’s your word of 2023?

Crumbs… that’s a tough one.

Actually, I’ll stick with crumbs. The reason being it’s usually what I say when the going gets tough. 

As entrepreneurs, I’m sure that’s a feeling we can all relate to. 

Plus, growth usually begins when the easy path ends, so yeah, I’ll stick with crumbs. It’s probably a sign I’m growing.

And as we head toward 2024, I can’t think of anything better to aspire to than that!

What is your favorite city or country, and why?

I go through phases with this one. I think it depends a lot on what life season you’re in.

For example, if you asked me ten years ago, I’d have said Cambodia. I taught English at an NGO there for some time, and I just loved the spirituality of the place, its rough-and-readiness, headiness, and friendliness. And yet, its overt innocence masked a dark and complex past… It was a hard place not to fall in love with, really.

If you asked me now… you know what, for all its faults, I still love my adopted home county in the UK, Norfolk. Wherever I’ve been in the world and wherever I go, I always love coming back to this place. It’s got a bit of everything – city, countryside, seaside; farmers, city workers, weirdos – but it’s home. And that’s where the heart is (well, mine, at least!).

What makes you push through in your business when you’re overwhelmed?

Acknowledging it is tough, and probably unfairly so at times. Then taking a few deep breaths and getting on with it!

Of course, having your own business is difficult. 

But at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing: how much do you want to make it work?

If you do, you’ll find a way.

I’m a big believer that there’s a time to talk about things, but ultimately it’s actions (and perseverance!) that get the job done.

Why did you start your business?

Before starting Lobster Copy, I’d been teaching for nearly ten years across different countries and in different capacities – as a primary teacher, an English language teacher, and as a higher education lecturer in English for Academic Purposes. 

I enjoyed these interlocking phases of teaching, but honestly… I always wanted to do my own thing. 

When I found marketing and copywriting, I started taking a real interest. One of the great things about my background as someone who’s done a LOT of work in applied linguistics and TESOL is that there’s considerable crossover between the knowledge bases of these fields and those of my adopted world, marketing and copywriting.

Having this linguistic background has enabled me to go much further than a great deal of copywriters when it comes to analyzing language and tones of voice – heck, in some cases, I’ve even done genre and linguistic analyses – so that’s a definite USP right there!

I suppose what drives me most in my business now is a determination to provide a very high-quality service to those I work with, whether we’re talking about marketing funnels, analytics, paid ads, SEO, content marketing, email marketing – or otherwise! 

I see a lot of copywriters chasing piecemeal work wherever they can find it. I’m far more interested in establishing a stronger, deeper relationship with a smaller number of select clients that enables me to add considerably more value to their businesses – all the way from strategy inception to implementation, from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

What is the last thing you did for the first time?

Making beef stroganoff over a fire pit while on a camping trip. Quite marvellous and to be repeated.

I’d share the recipe, but I’m worried about adding too many external links (marketers will understand!).

You have a couple of hours to yourself… What does that look like?

Good question – what DOES that look like?

I’d probably start by refamiliarizing myself with the outside world, maybe try speaking to a human F2F. Try to stay hidden probably.

Hah! In truth… with two hours in hand, I’d probably take my family dog out for a walk. Nothing’s better balm for the soul than a good walk in the countryside with man’s best friend!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Stroganoff. Clearly 😜

If you’re interested in what Rob does and how he can help YOUR business with its marketing and copywriting… I’m telling you you should 100% get in touch with him immediately! (Yep, he comes with a big Lisa seal of approval!) 💯

To join my Truth Talk with Rob, follow me @LisaTheStrategist. Alternatively, you can visit Rob’s website here, drop him an email here, or DM him on LinkedIn here.

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