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October 17, 2022

I see you struggling, doing all the things for everyone else. The smile that’s just a little off. The sing-song voice that has the tiniest crack. But what I notice most is your eyes; they aren’t smiling. While most people look away, I look deeper and see the exhaustion & numbness behind your eyes. Your soul is crying out; it wants more.

Why do I see these things?

Because I have been where you are. “Up and at it, Lisa!” -get to that meeting, show up & volunteer, try that new recipe, smile pretty – even when I wanted to pull the covers over my head.

That’s what we women do: nurture, caretake, shut up, numb out. We think it’s easier to just do it all and then sulk later with another glass of wine or a sleeve of cookies.

But the truth is, we are slowly dying inside. And it’s not okay. We deserve to shine, to grow, to be our soulful selves.

I believe that once women are truly seen & supported, they can begin to break patterns, put themselves back on their to-do lists, & live soulful, genuine lives.

I believe that women putting themselves back on their to-do lists can be accomplished through small steps and mindset shifts. It doesn’t have to mean blowing up their current life or running away.

I believe women living soulful, genuine lives change the world by eliminating generational trauma, building community, and lifting future generations of women.

Working with me is about creating what YOUR soul wants and reasonable steps to get there. I don’t just give you a plan and say now go do it. I hold space and unconditional regard for you as we work together to find what lights YOU up.

But I’m also a truth teller & I don’t like bullshit. You have to be ready to heal, to grow, & to have buy-in; otherwise, what’s the point? If you are willing to do the work, I’m 1000% behind you at every step and will be your fiercest advocate, the same as I am for my children and myself.

The divine is in you, waiting to be let out. Let me help you come back to yourself.

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