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June 26, 2022

I’m excited to showcase Kyle Flaherty in this Always Growing feature.

Kyle & I bonded years ago over being boy moms (& former single moms), wine industry buds, advocates for local underrepresented students, and all things related to travel.

Kyle has an infectious smile that immediately welcomes you in. She is funny, gracious, whip-smart (she’s now on year 3 of homeschooling her boys!), and one of the first moms I go to with “what should I do about….”

SLO County Peeps, with her Just Us Event Consulting, she is the woman behind the curtain at many local events, including Sunset Savor on the Central Coast, Three Speckled Hens, Whale Rock Music Festival, Firestone Walker Beer Festival, and Harvest on the Coast.

Yes, ladies & gents, she can do it all AND still be at every one of her boys’ sporting events.

Cheers to you, Kyle – it’s my honor to tell you often what a badass you are.

Follow along on her event & travel adventures @just_us_event_consulting

Now for my Q & A with Kyle:

Word for 2022: Choice

Your favorite city or country & why: Oh, this is HARD! It is a toss-up between Boston and Cartagena. Boston appeals to my blue-collar, Americana, history, real people, and ITALIAN food side of me – I love how you get what you get. There are no pretenses.

Cartagena appeals to my hidden side of night owlness – I have to work really hard in my daily life to get up early. My natural rhythm is a night owl and no one knows it. Cartagena is sassy, sticky, loud, ethnic and during the Christmas holidays is strung with romantic lights. And nothing comes alive until the evening – artists, music, food – the energy grows as the night goes on!

What makes you push through: Grit. Pure grit. Fear of failure – I don’t count my successes but I sure as heck am motivated by not failing!

What makes you smile: Seeing people I like and love (so if I don’t smile at you, watch out), my kids, my husband, my dogs and I get super smiley when thinking about an upcoming trip or adventure.

The last thing you did for the first time: Played pickleball with strangers.

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