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March 24, 2022

My first experience with therapy was in college after a breakup. At my free on-campus health center session, the no-nonsense ( in hindsight bitter woman) therapist snarkily said to me, “You know a man is not going to ride up on a white horse and save you, right?”

Fast forward 11 years – after my first baby was born, and I couldn’t shake the “blues” or, more accurately, the thought of “Will I EVER sleep again?” and “Am I even cut out for this?” I started seeing another female therapist. She was kind, challenged me, and helped me through 3 babies, divorce, and the deaths of both of my fathers within five months. I still hear her in my head encouraging me, “you know your truth, Lisa.”

A couple of years later, a friend told me that she was doing EMDR therapy and I should try it. She said it helped her so much that she gifted me sessions with her therapist, Hannah. (More on this friend later as she also deserves her own feature).

Ah, Hannah. Kindness and light emanate from her. Her laughter is bold and often floats down the hall and into the waiting room. She is unassuming and approachable- no airs, just a deep calling to help women and children. She has laughed with me (apparently my defense mechanism) but has also shed tears with and sometimes for me when my ego struggles to let my soul come through and have a cleansing cry.

Say what you will about therapy. I, too, believe sometimes it can become a crutch and keep us from challenging ourselves or give us a scapegoat to stay stuck. But I also think that the right fit with someone who sees your wounded inner child and lovingly guides you to dig deep, become your own best friend, and let your younger self know you’ve got her, is priceless.

It’s not easy work holding space for women who were taught to put everyone’s needs ahead of their own. It takes a lot of patience, redirecting, and thoughtful questioning to help women accept and embody a new mindset. Hannah does it with grace, non-judgment, and love. She was born to do this work, and I am so thankful she listened to her calling and is touching so many lives, including my own.

P.S. I am now the one on the white horse saving myself; thank you very much.

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