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April 19, 2022

Meet my AMAZING friend and fellow women-owned business owner, Anna Takahashi! I met Anna during a dinner party years ago and was instantly intrigued. I took a chance and invited her to my small women’s group that I held monthly at my home, and we became fast friends. She has traveled the world, she’s an unbelievably talented artist & food illustrator, AND she makes the best gyoza I have ever eaten. Watching her take a chance on love and find more joy than she ever thought possible continues to inspire me.

For SLO locals: a few of her creations are the Etto pasta label, the SLO Toile, & she’s the illustrator for Edible SLO Magazine

Follow her on Instagram & prepare to be amazed like I am!


And now, my Q&A with Anna-

Your fave city: Walkable cities that have historic architecture, great bookstores,

and quirky hidden alleys like SLO, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo.

Your word for 2022: Expansion

What makes you push through: The support and inspiration I get from family and friends. Also the courage I get from everything I’ve already overcome and accomplished despite the challenges.

What makes you smile: A good, ambitious dream of the future.

The last thing you did for the first time: MRI machine. The sound it makes is very electronica so it was quite entertaining. It was fascinating to see how it produced a clear image of the insides of my own body.

It’s never too late to go after your dreams & build your soulful business ✨

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