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November 1, 2023

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the remarkable Deeksha Beeharry for this month’s edition of Always Growing!

A certified CFA Charterholder, Deeksha has spent over a decade working in investment banking and asset management, and has managed portfolios in excess of $15 billion. She’s worked in the Big 4, the Central Bank, and she’s been featured in Fortune, Yahoo Finance, Go Banking Rates, NASDAQ, and MSN.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this experience has earned her an unrivalled understanding of wealth creation, and how to manage wealth.

But this is where her story departs from others like her in the financial industry…

Rather than continuing in a world that she knew wouldn’t fulfil her in the long term – an industry built by the elite for the elite – she rejected the typical “corporate girl” lifestyle and made a remarkable change. 

She’s now a woman on a far more purpose-driven and spiritual path.

Deeksha’s New Path

Today, Deeksha is a Wealth and Money Mindset Coach who supports female entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties in their relationship with money. 

Her goal? Helping these women achieve complete financial independence – through coaching, consulting, and her new Wealth-Building Trifecta (more on what she offers further down 👇).

Her story is not only about breaking down barriers in the financial industry but also proving that women can excel and thrive in a world often dominated by men in suits.

In her spare time, she’s also a lover of adventure and travel and likes to feed her wanderlust by visiting new destinations with her husband.

She’s a vibrant, creative, intelligent, and powerful woman – and she’s on a mission I truly admire. One that resonates with my own mission and sense of purpose at Poppy Grove.

Let’s find out more about her.

Deeksha’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Deeksha kindly shared her journey and thoughts with me, which I hope will help you stay motivated and inspired.

On her word for 2023…

“Courage – stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing new opportunities with bravery.”

On overcoming overwhelm…

“I remind myself of the impact I’m making in breaking down barriers in the financial industry, and empowering women to take control of their financial future keeps me driven. 

Witnessing the transformations in the lives of the women I guide is a powerful motivator. Their successes fuel my determination to keep pushing through, even on the most challenging days.

I tell myself that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times. It’s a sign that we’re pushing boundaries and striving for something truly meaningful. We have to embrace it and let it be a catalyst for growth and transformation.”

On the origins of her business…

“Rewind a decade ago – I was so focused on my career in finance. But it wasn’t long ago before I realized my purpose was elsewhere; I could feel it in my bones.

In my quest for meaning, I embarked on a soul-searching journey. After a while, it became clear: I wanted to create something impactful and deeply meaningful using my skills, knowledge, and personal experience – but I didn’t know exactly what.

Being part of the online communities of fempreneurs, I found myself guiding them in managing their wealth. 

They were turning to me, saying that they didn’t know where to begin, didn’t understand how it works, and that finance is such a manly world with overcomplicated jargon. They also thought that investing was only reserved for a select few on Wall Street.

I was TORN between two worlds.

On her breakthrough moment…

But then it clicked: they didn’t have the proper financial knowledge and toolkit (EVEN if many of them were hitting those $10k months in business). 

They also struggled with mindset blocks, unhealthy relationships with money, and many lacked a financial plan for wealth optimization, growth, and protection – a problem that starts right back in school.

65% of entrepreneurs who fail say it was down to mismanaging their finances. Which is why I’m here to help and guide women entrepreneurs to confidently embody being the CFO of their business and life, and to take back control of their financial future.

It’s all about giving fempreneurs the tools and strategies to create the life of abundance they deserve because there is hardly anybody out there teaching them about a holistic approach to managing money and harnessing the power of strategic wealth-building. 

This is why I combine my 10+ years of experience to help women create a life of abundance and freedom. I want them to see money as a tool that can work for them rather than the other way around.

This journey, this purpose, is more meaningful and impactful to me than sitting in a cubicle managing over $15 billion of assets and making the patriarchy rich.”

On the last thing she did for the first time…

“Creating a free wealth map guide for women entrepreneurs.”

On how she would spend a couple hours of free time…

“I’d start by finding a cozy spot by a window with a view. A warm cup of herbal tea sits nearby, filling the air with a comforting aroma.

I’d dive into a book. It could be a mix of personal development or perhaps a sprinkle of fiction for some imaginative escape.

Then I’d go for a walk. Nature always has a way of grounding me, so I’d find a nearby park or a quiet trail to soak in the beauty around me. I might tune into a podcast or audio course.

Returning home, a bit of light stretching or yoga to help me re-energize followed by a bit of journaling – to help me reflect on my thoughts and ideas, as well as jot down some inspirations for future projects. Or I might do some sketching, to add a touch of creativity to my day!

As the hours wind down, I’d wrap up with a few moments of yoga, meditation or mindful breathing. It’s the perfect way to center myself and prepare for whatever comes next.

Overall, it’s a blend of learning, nature, creativity, rest, and self-care – all the things that reinvigorate me and allow me to honor my Projector Human Design energy and show up as my best self for my clients and my mission.”

Connect with Deeksha for Wealth Mastery

Deeksha currently offers two wealth mastery programs for fempreneurs:

  • Money Makeover Intensive Session – Aimed at transforming your money mindset and mastering your finances.
  • 3-Month 1:1 Coaching Program – Personalized guidance to manage your finances, build wealth, and achieve financial independence.

Deeksha also plans to launch a course next year that gives women entrepreneurs a comprehensive, A-Z coverage of the world of investing – keep your eyes peeled!

To connect with Deeksha and access her wealth-building expertise, reach out to her on Instagram @deeksha_beeharry_

Thank you, Deeksha, for helping empower women to become financially independent – your purpose and drive mark you out as a true Soulful Entrepreneur.

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  1. Dowlut (Ajit) SUSTY says:

    Hi,i really feel thrilled while i was reading your history,ref ( my little Deek. You are so far to me and Mom just to kiss you for what you are undertakes in your career and helping many womens enterpreneurs worldwide. we wish you all the best… in the world of coaching. 👌
    Regards,Mom &
    Ajit & Kamla SUSTY.

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