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August 2, 2023

It’s Always Growing Time! I’m excited to share my dear friend Hollie aka Sally Social.

Hollie & I met 14 years ago when we both worked in the wine industry. She literally could sell ice to an Eskimo and, better yet, Chardonnay to a wine taster who thought they wanted “sweet wine” (tsk tsk).

Fast forward a few years, and we also worked together at a local nonprofit after she shared my thesis project with the head boss lady (cause she’s THAT friend). 😊 

The second Hollie enters a room, the energy shifts to one of positivity & connection.

As the Volunteer Engagement Specialist at the local university Cal Poly SLO, Hollie has a natural gift for placing the right people in the perfect job so events go off without a hitch.

Her intentions for this year are BOUNDARIES & GRACE.

She’s a California native, and you can usually find her at the beach, always on the lookout for whales since they are her spirit animal.

When I asked her how she gets through when overwhelmed, she said, “I have the will and drive to stretch, grow and succeed by pushing myself.” 

With a whole day to herself, here’s what she would do:

Days to myself are spent puttering around the house and yard, bird watching, and listening to music. Or they are the ME days where I do exactly as I want, such as spending time with family and friends. 

The last thing she did for the first time was working in higher education. “I find it challenging & exciting since I never attended college. This opportunity offers personal and professional growth opportunities & has leveled up my life 10X!”

Thank you for always inspiring me, everyone you meet, & our next-generation (my kids included) Hollie  – Cheers! 🍷

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