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May 20, 2022

My latest “Always Growing” feature is Rebecca Cohen, Founder of Share My Journey. I find the story of how we met funny because a few years back, I was being snarky & she was being her open, caring self.

Late one night, I happened upon a blog & it rubbed me the wrong way. I reached out to the author & we ended up on the phone the next day. She set me straight (I call PMS on myself), I joined Share My Journey (where I have met INCREDIBLE women), & now we work together as Board Members at the Innovative Academy of Liberal Arts & Sciences, an educational nonprofit in Washington, DC.

Rebecca is kind, intelligent, funny, transparent, and a supportive teammate. I’ve also had the privilege of being on Zooms with her parents, and I see why she is such a loving & present mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

You should definitely check out her website to see how she is connecting women 🙌

Fun fact! Rebecca is also an author & it turns out that I had read her book 15 Minutes Outside when my boys were toddlers and still have it on my bookshelf.

Here are Rebecca’s ‘Always Growing’ answers:

2022 Word: Listening 👂

Favorite city & why: Paris 🇫🇷 there are so many other places to see in the world, but I have visited Paris many times alone and with my family. My host family from when I was 16 was from Paris, which inspired me to continue studying French and spend a year abroad in France during college, during which time I also discovered I had family in France and Luxembourg! (My boys and I also now have Luxembourg citizenship). I still visit my family and am taking my 17-year-old again to France and Luxembourg this summer!

What makes you push through? Purpose. Several years ago, my sister gave me a ‘forget me knot” ring that I still wear 24/7 to remind me not to give up. 🪢

What makes you smile? Anything happening in nature 🌿

What was the last thing you did for the first time? I am taking suicide prevention training. People I love have had suicidal ideation, and I’ll be volunteering for an organization in my new community dedicated to crisis intervention and prevention. 💝

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